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Anngwyn St. Just Anngwyn St. Just

is a systemically oriented social traumatologist who holds advanced degrees from The Western Institute for Social Research and the University of California in Berkeley. She is also a cultural historian, psychotherapist and somatic educator who specializes in developing multimodal cross cultural methods based upon easily transmitted concepts for trauma education and recovery.

Currently the director of The Arizona Center for Social Trauma and ACST International, she has served as advisor to the Drug and Alcohol Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley. For over 40 years she has maintained a co-creative relationship with Peter Levine. Anngwyn St. Just has traveled widely in North and South America, Europe and Russia teaching innovative ways of healing individual and social trauma. Dr. St. Just is the author of numerous articles and her new books are now available:

Trauma: Time, Space and Fractalsnow available on

In English: Relative Balance in an Unstable World: A Search for New Models
of Trauma Education and Recovery ( Carl-Auer-Verlag,Heidelberg)

A Question of Balance -  a systemic approach to understanding and resolving trauma (2008 Amazon)

In German: Soziales Trauma: Balance finden in einer unsicheren Welt
(Kisel/Random House, Munich)

In Spanish: Equilibrio Relativo en un Mundo Inestable: Una investigacion sobre
Educacion de Traumas y Recuperacion (Alma Lepik, Buenos Aires)

Trauma: una cuestion de equilibrio  (Alma Lepik, Buenos Aires)


International Schedule 2018

June 15th-17th: Germany: Cologne: UTA Akademie: Contact:

International Schedule 2017

January 2nd-3rd: Canada. Alberta: Calgary: Systemic Constellation Work:

February 1st-2nd: Mexico City: Sowelu Compassion Fatigue/Burnout
( (tel: 52 55 5543 6545)

May 17th-19th: Holland: Groningen: Men, Women and Peace: And Peace Between Men and Women: together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher:
Contact: (tel: 00 31 50 50 20 680)

May 26th-28th: Germany: Bavaria: Schloss Aspenstein in Kochel am Kochelsee:
Men, Women and Peace: And Peace Between Men and Women: together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher
Contact: Uta Marie Reinbach: (tel:0049 8803 6398502)

June 1st-14th: Hungary: Budapest: Collective Trauma: Contact:
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June: 16-18th, U.K . Coventry: Men, Women, War and Peace, together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher:
Contact: Sue Hanisch:

June 26-28th: U.K. London: Trauma Conference: Contact:
Check Out: Trauma Through the Systemic Constellation Lens (June 2017) | CSC

July 1st-2nd: U.K. Oxford: Trauma, Fractals and Systemic Constellation Work: Contact:
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September 1,2nd,3rd: Switzerland (Zürich region): Addiction as Post-Traumatic Phenomena: A Systemic Perspective: Contact:

September 6th-11th : Hungary Budapest and Serbia, Belgrade:
2017, Healing into Wholeness – WisdomWeavers-Weaving a New Tapestry for Sacred Democracy
Collective Traumas and our History: Healing into Wholeness in the heart of ancestral Europe

September 14th-16th: Riga, Latvia: Trauma and Organizations, together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher,
Contact: Dr. Laimonis Zulgis

September 23-24th: Germany: Berlin. Men, Women, War and Peace together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher:
Contact: Olivier Netter

October 5th-8th: Virginia Beach, VA: North American Systemic Constellation Conference.
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October: Mexico City: together with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher: Contact: Sowelu:


International Schedule 2016

March 10th-11th : Mexico City , Sowelu Institute. Tels : (52 55) 5543 6545 and 5543 8568

May 20th-22nd: : Mexico City, Mexico Conference . A New Systemic Intelligence:
( Tels : (52 55) 5543 6545 and 5543 8568

May 24th : Mexico Cit : Post.- conference workshop, Sowelu. Click Here for Details
Tels. (52 55) 5543 6545 and 5543 8568

June 19th-21st : Zürich Switzerland , Trauma Is A Global Issue with Dr. Peter Levine
( Click Here for Details

June 23rd-26th : Sumirna Awakenings, Trauma:Time,Space and Fractals

September 10-13th : Weggis , Switzerland : Trauma, Sexuality and Our Reproductive Life Cycle

September 17th-20th : Les Granges, Switzerland : Men, Women and Peace with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher
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Contact :

September 23
rd-25th : Zürich, Switzerland : Addiction as a Post-Traumatic Phenomenon: A Systemic Perspective

October 22nd-24th : Croatia : "Constellating Future " : contact :

October 27th-30th Hungary: Budapest: Danube Dialogues: Contact:

*** Healing into Wholeness: Healing Walks and Sites and Seminars | WisdomWeavers ***

November 7th-13th : Colonia Uruguay , International Organizational Intensive Training Intensive
(  contact: (tel: + 598-98709424)